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Do you need Psalm to win Spiritual Battles?


 Do you need Psalm to win Spiritual Battles?

Many of you think because am a Babalawo, I don’t know Psalm.

The truth is that, the ORISA knows Psalm. Many Spirits are available in AJE HOUSE, some are born from Psalms.

Don’t forget iT IS OBATALA who created all religion, he has Psalms , he has Quran verses and he has ODU via IFA.

What is your spiritual Problems that you are looking for Psalms.

I can only give you one Psalm for that singular Problem ,the days of the week to fast, the type of candle to light, what time of the say to pray.

This knowledge is not Freeeee o

Don’t measage me if you are a Pastor or whatever, it is strictly for those who has problem.

If there is Spiritual work like using rain water, well water, using fruits etc. you would also pay to get those information too .

Just tell me the Problem, one problem at a time and i would give you the spiritual Christian Psalms to do it.

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