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Don’t find fault in the method of divination, find faults in the person doing the divination


 Don’t find fault in the method of divination, find faults in the person doing the divination 

Many people think they have spent years with the elders enough that they think they know fake method and Original’s.

The white garment people would dance and dance before their God will give them the answer to the question or problem. 

Some prophet sees your problem after asking you some questions, more like an interview.

Some Muslim clerics read the Quran snd all sort of books yet they would do interviews for you in the name of consultation.

Many people doing Babalawo has not been called by IFA.

I remember when i started this blog, I don’t ever think i would be a BABALAWO.

I wrote all i could out of Love to my website to help people in one or two problems.

I never knew the ORISA were looking at my heart, as an IFA initiate i was summoned to meet OBATALA.

OBATALA look at me from head to toe and instruct ORUNMILA to help me out,

They gave me authority and Power to divine for people and help them out

That is why i am writing this to tell you, i can use stone to divine for you and they would speak to me.

I can use Obi to divine for you snd they would speak

I can use Opele amd IKIN IFA.

In as much as ORUNMILA and OBATALA has blessed me with their Powers, it doesn’t matter what i use for divination, it works.

Many people eho claim to be Babalawo bought enough books to readand they practice what is wrotten in book.

OBATALA, ORUNMILA, OLOKUN etc are my teacher.

The thought me what to do and that is why if i do divination for you, its out of this world.

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