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Dream interpretations


 Dream interpretations

Some times we had a dream and we don’t know the meaning. 

And we try and solve the puzzle on our own but we couldn’t fix it all.

We find it hard to visit our Pastors because of secrecy and privacy . We also try to solve the problem browsing the Internet but we couldnt solve it on our won.

You don’t have to look further for more answers as we are here

Dream speak to us symbolically, and how deep the symbolism depends on our spiritual growth and level.

Dreams doesn’t talk directly to us and that is why in most cases whet we dream is always the opposite of what it meant.

For instance any one that sees Money, real money in the dream. SUCH person is likely to be in poverty because such dream is saying the opposite of what it is. 

But if you see cowries ,now you are talking about money in real life.

Some other people dream of having marriage in the dream

Some people dream of sex in their dream

Some people dream of house

Some people dream of eating in the dream.

Not too worry as we would guide you in your dream by telling you the meaning and interpretation of your dream.

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