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Egbe Orun Second Initiation


 Egbe Orun Second Initiation 

Many people don’t know that there are two initiation involve in egbe orun.

Once you are done giving your egbe orun what they want in the physical realm which is on earth, it is now left for them to do the initiation for you in the spiritual world.

The initiation they do for you in the spiritual realm is the second initiation.

The second initiation enables you to go to meetings when you sleep, it means they have accepted the initiation on earth.

The second initiation allow you to see your egbe orun members on earth, the would be walking , living and always be around you and you will be able to see them.

But in Most Cases the second initiation is not done simply because it is not a qualified Babalawo that did the earthly initiation for you.

If you went to Alfa to do egbe orun initiation for you or you went to meet a pastor to do it for you, it will deprive you of the second initiation because this people mentioned above are not going to consult the egbe orun what they want , they just do what they think is the normal way of doing it.

And the results after is that you wil have to look for a competent Ifa priest or priestess to do it again while you waste money.

I am opportune to meet many egbe orun in one festival or the other and they are always happy that am sharing knowledge of the other world with people here on earth.

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