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Fighting in the dream , meaning and solutions


 Fighting in the dream , meaning and solutions 

Fighting in the dream is a good dream with spiritual significance.

Ask yourself whether you are having a fight with someone first ,sometimes it may be possible that our dream are a reflection of what is happening to us in real life.

If you are not physically fighting or having a fight with anyone and you found yourself in a fight in a dream, then it is a spiritual fight.

This fight means that something is happening in your spiritual life which would affect your physical life as well.

Now the outcome of the fight also matters and it’s important.

Somwtimes we struggle with life, we strive to meet ends meat , it is very possible that we would be dreaming about fighting.

In cases like this,we are not happy with where we are and we are struggling to leave this position, it results in spiritual fights.

It might not be struggling,our own fight might be progress physically and other things we don't like but want to change. This signifies fighting also.

In this type of fight,the outcome matters a lot.

If we loose the fight, then we need to wake up, look for a spiritual mentor to guide on through the battles of life and how to win them.

If we won the battles,you are one step into success.

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