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Hidden Spiritual Chieftancy title called OLU AJE


 Hidden Spiritual Chieftancy title called OLU AJE

You can’t browse this and see it anywhere except this blog because we are close to the Orisa in Yoruba land and they expose some things for us to tell the people so as to be enlightened.

Olu Aje spiritual title is a title which is chosen and given out once in 100 years. Which means that all the Orisa converge together to choose a person to fill that Post every 100 years.

This title is superior to any other Chieftancy title in the physical world, such that all monarchs are under this spiritual Chieftancy of Olu Aje.

Many Minor Monarchs doesn’t know about its existence and those who knew about it doesn’t are always runny away from the OLU AJE.

Whoever is chosen for this title live longer than normal people, he may spend 140 years before dying.

He has the biggest wealth in the world such that all organizations put him in their board to boost their trade and business.

In Power, he is not second Orisa as other monarch are called, he is Orisa because that Post is not just ordinary post.

To get to that title , there is no king maker, anybody from anywhere are always choose even irrespective of your religion , tribe or location.

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What does this olu aje does?

He approved all AJE requests from people from all sphere of Life both in Nigeria and Outside Nigeria.

He ensure AJE IS well distrubuted across the nation world wide.


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