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How do you appease Iyaami AJE


 How do you appease Iyaami AJE

This is based on the gravity of your offense, some of you promise a lady but you fail.

Some of you have taken advantages of ladies.

Some of you don’t even respect your siblings and Mother. When last do you give your mother Money?

Some of you interfere in matters that doesn’t concern you?

To appease Iyaami AJE, you need to consult a strong BABALAWO who will consult ifa for you , iyaami would communicate what they want and the Babalawo would tell you what to do.

There are some small spiritual work you can do t appease Iyaami, which include EKURU for prayers.. This is on this blog. To know if your ekuru is acceptable, you will still need guidance.

They use other small leaves which you can do own your own apart from EKURU

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