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How many IFA do we have?


 How many IFA do we have? 

We have one IFA in the world.

IFA is the son of ORUNMILA.

When you go to any part of the world, IFA is the same thing.

If you go to a Babalawo in Abeokuta and you visit a Babalawo in abuja, it is the same thing that they would tell you. Even though the details will be different.

One Babalawo may have more or give more details than the other. This is because they are more dedicated to their Work than the Other and because they are not all gifted the same way, hence the reason for a little variation.

Those Babalawo who will trick you into believing it can’t be done anywhere else except them are FAKE, they don’t have any genuine power.

Your problem is the same, you can make a consultation in USA and come to Nigeria to come and do the rituals, it is the SAME IFA that the babalawo are using, hence they would speak the same thing,tell the same solutions to the problem of the same person.

IFA doesnt have different language than the usual Yoruba language it speaks to the Babalawo in USA and it is the same Language IFA would speak to Babalawo in Nigeria.

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