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How to deliver yourself from a Spiritual Powerful Woman (wife / Girlfriend)


 How to deliver yourself from a Spiritual Powerful Woman (wife / Girlfriend)

Sometimes we found ourselves in a relationship with someone who is highly powerful than us.

Finding ourselves in this kind of relationship sometimes are not good for our physical growth and Spiritual growth.

This kind of woman tends to uses power anyhow on us, they may decide to block our glory and they may decide to help us out.

In most cases they get offended easily over little issues and you beg and beg and beg yet the refused to forgive you.

As a result things have not been going well with you as a man, i want to tell you that there is a way out.

The way out is to do Consultation to know if this kind of woman was purposely sent to destroy you or she decided to use her power because you offended her.

In a case where she was sent to purposely destroy you, the only solution is to end the relationship. That is the only thing that would terminate her mission.

If you don’t have spiritual backings before terminating the relationship, things would be worse after terminating the relationship.

In the case where she decided just to punish you all because she is powerful, then you need to fortified yourself to be more powerful than her.

Either way, this are just what a normal man would think, but to speak more plainly and straight, you will do Consultation and the consultation would reveal what to do. It can be to beg the elders, or do a little thing something else. 

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