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How to know if you have been used


 How to know if you have been used

We live in a dangerous world now where everyone is using anyone they see. 

We are talking about how to know if you have been used, the following talk about what you will be experiencing.

1. If you see yourself dead in your dream, if you are dreaming about your death, if you are seeing corpse everyday , if you see someone that claims they are going to die or about to die. If you dream of anything relating to death, then you have been used for someone’s wealth or ritual or any other purpose.

2. If you are dreaming about snake bite in your dream, then you have been used.

3. If you are always attacked by soldiers ants everytime and everyday, then you have been used.

4. If you are dreaming of eating food in the dream, it can also means that you have been used.

5. If you are dreaming of selling meat in the dream, it means you have been used

These are few out of many signs that you have been used.

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