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How to know your Taboo


 How to know your Taboo 

There is no one on earth without a taboo.

The fact that you don’t know your taboo doesn’t mean you don’t have. Not knowing your taboo is one of the reason why Life is hard for you.

The white men that bring foreign religion are all going to Ifa while you cling blindly to theirs. What a shame.

Your enemies are giving you your taboo via the dream and via in your real Life but you are enjoying it and you dont see anything wrong with it except that life is not going well for you and you are running up and down looking for blind solutions to a simple problem.

If you are an Ifa student, you will be told your taboo on your during your Ifa initiation but for those who are not Ifa student, there is a simple trick for you.

Your taboos are always what you love to eat and what you loved the most doing and in addition you enjoy them the Most.

Someone who is not supposed to wear black find black cloth the most attractive to wear.

Someone who is not supposed to eat okro loved okro the most.

And so on and so forth. The list is unending.

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