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Invoking the dead to fight your spiritual Battles


 Invoking the dead to fight your spiritual Battles

If you are a fan of this blog them you would know that impossible things is what we used to say, its what we are used to doing.

We don’t rely on books before we give you facts on how the world is.

Many people are still in doubt, while many others are already enjoying our spiritual mentoring.

Have you seen an army of the dead before?

One good thing about the dead is that they are already dead, so they cant be kill again.

Many of us thought what our fathers left behind is Gone but i am telling you that its not.

You need to stay in tune with your lost families, you grand parents and their parents in your family.

If you don’t believe me, why then do we see changes anytime we make sara (feed the dead) ?

Its because they fight for us.

But doing Sara is not just it, you need to stay in tune.

We can link you up, this is not necromancy or an act of speaking with a dead person that has no uses for you, but we are talking about your lineage.

Lost african culture and its heritage. Nothing more.

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