Monday, October 23, 2023

IRAPADA - What is killing many Pastors and Muslim clerics


 IRAPADA - What is killing many Pastors and Muslim clerics 

This days many Pastors snd Imam are at a high rate of dying and the group of Pastors has nothing to do with it or to stop the menace.

Well am here to give you the good news of what might be killing those imaam and Pastors.

Many of these pastors and imaam love money more than they love their soul.

The give you big bill like no tomorrow. This is not the issue.

What Many doesn’t know is that, this spiritual work called IRAPADA or restoration is a very powerful one.

Anytime you did it for people, you are not to collect money and as a matter of Fact, you are to describe it for the person to do by themselves.

I know many prophet woupd collect money for their owm soul and they died after one year or two of such restoration for someone.

Restoration are to be done with direct instructions not what any body can do any how or any day.

If you need restoration, I WOULD CONSULT IFA FOR YOU ON THE ISSUE.

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