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IYAMOPO and IYAMI ELEYE wealth Ritual


 IYAMOPO and IYAMI ELEYE wealth Ritual

If you have been following this Blog everyday, you will know that we have written a lot of articles about AJE, IYAMOJA, IYAMOPO, IYAMI ELEYE.

The information on this blog were released by this ORISA ,their permission and consent were taken before publishing them.

What do i tend to gain?
I don’t gain anything, i just want people to have a glimpse of what i know when it comes to knowledge so that it would free them from bondage, whoever doesn’t have knowledge is in Bondage.

Am i leaking any secrets?  No am not. I didnt talk about most important thing about any one, i just want people to know them as i knew them, i want people to respect them and also walk with them and find out that they are not evil or wicked as projected in Movies.

They are Our mothers. 

Now lets talk about the topic.
Iyamopo and iyami Eleye are female gender based spiritual powers, I don’t know or can’t say if it works for Men.

Those of you who are wealth up and down,IYAMOPO also blesses one with riches and wealth.

They can’t give you their wealth unless you are part of them, and to be part of them you needs strong and Pure Babalawo to wake up the spirit within you as a woman.

Once the spirit is awakened, IYAMOPO and iyami Eleye would take it up from there and whatever is needed they would tell you.

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