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Levels of Spiritual Work


 Levels of Spiritual Work

I have come across a million contact, both novices and intelligence people.

I can say categorically that people have little knowledge about IFA and where IFA is going.

Many people think they have to come to the babalawo before the find Solutions.

Many people thought that Babalawo has to send the items to them or they have to come and collect it or some sort. So they think.

Distance is not a barrier.

The next level where IFA is going, if you are a babalawo and you dont upgrade. Well well.

The next level of spiritual work, using a simple narrative.

If you are in London, we can invoke your spirit, fortified you in the spiritual realm and they sent your spirit back to America where you are and things would change for the better. You will be surprised at what power you might have.

We can invoke you to come and bath a spiritual bath, where ever you are . You will be dreaming of having a bath but the truth is that since we cant sent the soap or it will take a longer time to get to you, we invoke your spirit to use it in the spiritual realm.

If it is Aseje - a cooked concoction to fortified you, you can be invoke to eat it in the dream too.

Have said it times without number, eating in the dream is not always bad. Sex in the dream sometimes is a way to fortified people. This are what many people think its evil.

Your pastor restrict you from using the spiritual realm.

In as much as there is wind, spiritual work will get to you anywhere.

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