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Maintaining the spirit in you as a Prophet


 Maintaining the spirit in you as a Prophet 

There is not better way of maintaining the spirit in you as a prophet than doing the following 

1. Run away from adultery and formication : Have seen many man of God rise and Fall bevause of this singular act of indiscipline. What is inside that pussy is not different from the one in your house, why indulge in such stupid act thinking it would make the spirit grow ? Anyone that has sworn an oath to follow this path must be disciplined and that is why in some churches they demand castrations of men of God before joining. 

The moment you embark on this adulterous journey, you body become unpure and the spirit will leave.

What you have left is shadow and memories of when the spirit was still in your body. Spirit are a discipline being, once you do one mistake, you will start all over. 

Have been with them snd i know them, many accusses me of being too rigid, i have passed through a lot of pain during my years of training and I cannot jeopardized it for anything.

2. Have seen many prophet drinks and they seems to have no concern about the spirit within them. The moment you add unpure substance or unnatural substance or anything that will impair your vision and thoughts, you are killing the spirit thereby making your body unsafe for the spirit and so,the spirit will leave you.

Have seen many white garment pastor in this two act and i laugh, i know the answer to the question in your mind but i would not include it in this article because am not here to talk about any religion group or whatever .

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