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Must Have ORISA for all Babalawo


 Must Have ORISA for all Babalawo

If you are a Babalawo and you dont have this Orisa, your instrument is not complete.

Some Babalawo are now orisa specific this day, many of them have only one Orisa and based on the holy book (ODU) of that orisa.

There fore all their spirituality are based on one Orisa. 

All ORISA are important and they have where they are useful but for a start as a Babalawo you need to have the following list of Orisa and not just one or two.

You need to know their core praises and everything about them.

Have seen Egun people, those who practice egun not having Osun , and like that.

Are these Orisa fighting or we are the one limiting our wisdom?

If you are limiting your wisdom, then this Job of a Babalawo is not fit for you.

As Babalawo you need to be a collector and preserver of Orisa and heritage, not picking your Favorite and abandoning others.

Family lineage Orisa - This is your lineage Orisa,the ones your grandfather are worshipping and feeding.

Obatala - the father of all Orisa, when everything fails, he has the final solution 

Sango and Oya - Incase your clients offend the elders and is in dee spritual battles, these are the mighty warrriors

Esu - This is the road make, the fighter of justice that speak on behave of other Orisa.

Ogun -The God of War, the way openner for men

AJE - The Wealth Minster, we all need her to have Money

OSUN /OLOKUN / YEMOJA / AGIRA / OLOSA (pick one) - This are our Parents , they lead us in the right path,bless us with wisdom, fertility and Children, they gave insight to everything because they are our parents. 

Egungun  - Speaking with our Ancestors and keeping our secrets And DNA save

If you don’t have all these or even more than these, you are still learning work.

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