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Negative effects of Looking down on spiritual work


 Negative effects of Looking down on spiritual work

Often times we see people differentiate between good spiritual work and Bad Spiritual work based on the content of the spiritual work.

People believe that for spiritual work to be effective, it has to contain a lot of ingredients.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be so.

Most of what works best for any man always come simple and easy.

Eg i can tell you to pluck a leave and watch your face to attract customers to you as a woman or man.

Many would think that kind of work is fake and not legit, some will even think its just a small work that doesn’t have much power.

The Truth is that, the person that give you such spiritual work also give you some sort of spiritual authority coming from his mouth to you at that very Point. At that same point, some Orisa would follow you and assist you toll that work is done but you wouldn’t see them.

The moment you think it is fake or you are doubting,the Orisa who followed such spiritual work as a result of the word of authority from the Babalawo , such Orisa would go back to their domain because you don’t believe in them.

The Person that give you such work, you don’t know his spiritual level in the spiritual realm, such people are always at a high realm. At high realm, what you need is authority, even one single leave can work magic by a word from such peoples mouth.

Because of this bad mind about spiritual work, people love looking for spiritual work with many things and ingredients but at the end of everything, it wouldnot work and you have wasted your money.

Most people that give you plenty things or spiritual work with plenty items, most of such Babalawo are at a very low spiritual level.

Once you know herbs and herbs know you and recognize you, they work like magic for such person.

Most people don’t wait to acquire spiritual strength, they just venture into calling themselves Babalawo because of one book that they have.
Some cannot even do Consultation.

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