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Prayer and fasting is not for spiritual battles - Find out its real purpose


 Prayer and fasting is not for spiritual battles - Find out its real purpose 

Have seen many people fast because they want to win spiritual battles of Life which they never won or have not won with this method.

Trying to win spiritual battles with fasting might take you years to win, imagine a couple who has been married for years without a child and they are still fasting and praying.

It might take this couple like 2 years or even more like 40 years before they won this battle of barrenness because of the method they choose.

I never say fasting doesn’t work but in spiritually you use the right tool/method for the right thing at the right time.

Still on still. Fasting and praying is a long way to win spiritual battles and fasting to win spiritual battle is a wrong use of fasting and praying.

What is the main reason for fasting and praying?

Fasting and prayer are for the following reasons and not limited to them but just to say a few

Incite Discipline: Many people are indiscipline in one or two areas of life or in all areas of Life. Talks of drinking, adultery and fornication , child abuse, stealing, lieing etc. when we fast, it incite the discipline in us to abstain from all this

Spiritual Food: Many would still be amazed how Jesus was able to fast for 40 days and night, well there is nothing special about it. He is eating spiritual food in the spiritual realm. Many of you have run away from spiritual food because your pastor says eating food in the dream is bad, i wonder where that was in the Bible.

Increase creativity: Once you are fasting and praying,i lt give you passage or access to some creative realm in the spiritual realm and many begin to think you are special or endowed with some special Power

Eye Opener: Fasting and Praying open your eyes to see the wonders of this world and beyond. Helping you to see the world for what it is.

Increase spiritual strength, Power and Authority: After gaining strength and authority,some battles are won naturally without stress but its not a one day or one year thing that you almost had ulcer or kill yourself because you want to win at all cost without letting yourself to grow to that stage.

And Many More.

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