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Praying for Blessing doesn’t mean you would be blessed


 Praying for Blessing doesn’t mean you would be blessed

Orisa AJE (the goddess and deity of wealth)

Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, you can’t do without this orisa.

Many have been led astray, they thought because they are praying to blessing, so automatically they would be blessed.

That is false, praying for blessing also means praying to ORISA AJE because Orisa aje is the one in charge of wealth.

But praying is not the right path to talk to Orisa Aje.

Many Pastors worship and Appease this Orisa but they would not tell the church simply because it is not in the holy Book.

Many Alfa can’t deny the fact that they appease Aje to make their work blossoms.

But they would never tell that to you because they want you to continue to be in darkness and they make money from you.

AJE IS not. Wicked Orisa.

If you appease it the right way,blessing upon blessing would be youra eternity.

To appease/feed AJE, you need a good Ifa Priest to do that for You. That is where this blog comes in Handy, we can feed / appease AJE ON YOUR BEHALF NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE .

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