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Questions to ask and what to do before AJE spirituaL work


 Questions to ask and what to do before AJE spiritual 

Many people jump into spiritual work without asking important questions.

Before you do any Aje spiritual work, you need to do the following 

When you visit a Pastor or Babalawo or Alfa and they want to do aje spiritual work, if the Babalawo didn’t do Consultation with IFA before jumping at the solutions. Run away.

Even if they do Consultation and they said thy will do AJE spiritual work for you, ask them which ORISA IS involve. If they cannot answer your questions, Run.

After the step above , they tell you the name of the Orisa. Tell them you are coming. 

From here , go to any other spiritualist or Babalawo to enquire about what the previous Babalawo said, if its a right step for you. 

Don’t stop at one Babalawo, inquire from like 3 different spiritualist to know if they would do the correct aje spiritual work for you or fake.

You can contact AJE NLA FOR SUCH ENQUIRY which will only cost you 5k. (+2347031178647).

Why do you need to enquirer before doing any Aje spiritual work 

It is because enquiry would save your Life and the Life of peope around You. But if you dont care, no Problem. Just do it at your own peril. Just remember that prevention is better than Cure.

After making enquiries and it turn out to be Fake, run away . If after making enquiry , the aje spiritual work os legit, go ahead and do it.

The truth is that many people would not make enquiry because the fake Babalawo doing such evil fake aje spiritual work would also use black juju so that your brain will be dead and you will be restless until you do what he want you to do.

No problem, we do deliverance in AJE HEADQUARTERS. We woul deliver you from such evil heart


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