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Rain water and how to use it for prayer


 Rain water and how to use it for prayer

Rain water can be used as a support to enhance your spiritual strength and prayer.

To harvest rain water, don’t put a bucket under roof, look for direct rain from the sky. Put you bucket directly under the sky where nothing is blocking it. This is how you harvest rainfall.

The number of water harvested using this method is very low therefore you need to place more bucket directly under the sky for the rain to drop in it.

After harvest, you can use it like that to pray and after praying, you take a sip into your mouth and keep the rest . If you use this method, the water can last you for a month or two weeks.

There are other methods too, after harvesting the rain water using the method above, you can spice it up by adding other spiritual items based on what you have in mind or what battles you want to win.

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