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Rainbow symbol of Some Churches, It's Origin and the Orisa Involve

Rainbow symbol of Some Churches, It's Origin and the Orisa Involve 

Many of Us only Go to church without looking at the Symbol of the Church. 

This rainbow symbol is very common to a white garment church whose name I would withheld. 

I know after this post many prophets would  issue out a death threat which I know is one of their traits because they believe they control the spirit and the spirit do their bidding which in fact not has it looks. 

Many of the prophets and Pastors of this church are not worthy of the Post because of of attitude like death threat, drinking beer and alcohol,  sleeping around with church members and all female that came for spiritual work.  In short undisciplined and untrained. 

If you think you are so Powerful, and you feel like trying some tricks because of this Post,  just go and buy a coffin. I don't talk much. 

My Name is AJE NLA,  I bring news from behind this world. 

The Founder of this church was on a journey when he was caught up in a whirlwind,  this wind took him to the seventh heaven.  I have already written an article on the location, how the seventh heaven look like and the Orisa living there. 

In the seventh heaven he struggled to survive as he wasn't born there but taken there, while struggle he met 777 (a great and mighty ORISA for deliverance) , he met the all seeing eye and he met OSUMARE (a snake looking Orisa and the bringer of rain, the rainbow Orisa). 

This Orisa helped in survive and they thought him a lots. 

When he was ready, they sent him back to this world to establish a ministry. 

There was s contract between them and an agreement.  The content of the contract is what I don't know. 

All I know is that the contract is still standing though few adjustments would be made in order to sanction this church due to lack of discipline. 

If you are a member of this church,  you are just a packaged ISESE. , Yoruba tradition. 

OSUMARE was right here with me when i was written this article,  he owns this church,  

If you think am over stepping my boundaries,  then you have a war with OBATALA the father of all mankind (my spiritual Father, my Father in all) and you have a war with OLOKUN (keeper of all the secret of the world, my mentor, godfather and my dear closest friend). 

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