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Reason why there is Promise and fail in Your Life


 Reason why there is Promise and fail in Your Life 

This article is an eye opener for those who didn’t know this already.

If you are experiencing Promise and Fail, it started with you, you are the cause of it.

In one chapter of your life ,you have made a lot of promises to people even though you knew its a lie but you assured them of fulfillment of such Promises.

There is no big or small promises. Promise is promise.

Sometimes it is not who we promise, it is us.

Most times we promise to do this for OLODUMARE but fails,so many times we promise not to do something but we end up doing them.

And it continues till we don’t see anything bad in it again.

The last reason for Promises and Fail is spiritual reason, when you have spiritual problems, people will Promises you but will Fail you.

The solutions is Simple, you need to do IFA consultation to know the solutions to the Problem. 

After consultation, we might need to feed an Orisa or i would give and instruct you on what to do that will end such dilemma. 

Whatever the case may be, it is IFA THat would tell.

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