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Reasons why spiritual work is not working for you


 Reasons why spiritual work is not working for you

Have you gone to a herbalist before and the medicine didnt work or have you gone to a pastor before and it seems as of the pastor is Fake.

We cant judge based on what happened but we need  to understand many reasons and factors.

First of All, you might be using the wrong approach to solve your spiritual problems.

Some people’/s Star doesn’t use black things while some peoples head doesnt worry about which Spiritual work is black or not.

When we talk about black spiritual work, it doesnt always mean using black soap . Black soaps are not black spiritual work.

Many spiritualist and herbalist (pastor,alfa,babalawo) are not pure to what they are doing. Many of them have added black powers to what they do. When such people do spiritual work for you,its called black spiritual work.

This kind of spiritual work doesn't work for some people.

When you are using black spiritual work and your head/star doesn’t go along with it, the spiritual work will not work.

Other reasons why spiritual work doesn’t work on you is based on your star. People born under irawo ina must not use spiritual soap to bath in all cases as it doesnt go well with their star. Using spiritual soap as irawo ina may kill your star.

Third reason why spiritual work is not working on you is because you have a low vibration and low spiritual strength.

If you have a low spiritual strength, some spiritual work will not work because you need to increase your approach strength before they work.

Fourth reason why spiritual work is mot working for you is when you have a lot of spiritual battles in your Life.  

Spiritual battles in Many peoples life is also one of the reason why many spiritual work is not working. 

You will need to win some spiritual battles and when you do spiritual work, it would definitely work on you.

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