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Recognizing the witches and wizard in the church


 Recognizing the witches and wizard in the church

The church is now a Coven this days. Its a coven where witches and wizards come to do meetings and you are there to say hallelujah.

Witches are more plenty in the church than your Family and that is why Majority of Christians Problems were from the church.

Nobody ask why?

Its because the church is a coven in disguise.

Before i become a Babalawo, anytime i enter a church, i always look for the spiritual lamp of the church. Any spiritual God living church had a lamp but in most churches its gone and replaced.

It got me worried and i left church for Good bevause I don’t know if God was even inside the church anymore. You can argue with Your ancestors.

There is a small Eye lid that you will put on your Face before going to church , this eye led would open your eyes to see the birds flying in your church.

Am not selling and am not giving it out,just to let you know that you need to be careful of the church .


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