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Seeing your corpse / death in the dream


 Seeing your corpse / death in the dream 

Many people are having this kind of dream but they are either afraid of sharing it or they don’t know who to share it with or they don’t know what it means.

Am AJE NLA, i have come again with Interpretations of this kind of dream, i am extra gifted in dream interpretations and dream issues that are extra difficult to interpret.

If you have this kind of dream, its means the following 

1. You have been used - May he by your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else for money rituals or for any other purpose by someone you knew or not

2. They have split and eaten you - I cannot talk more on this, but it means you are walking dead, you are already dead just counting days

3. Someone somewhere wanted you dead snd they have succeeded in invoking your spirts snd they have killed your spirit.

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