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Self Initiation into IFA


 Self Initiation into IFA

HAVE seen the carribean and the westerners talk about initiation into ifa all by themselve.

Ifa is more than that ridiculous act.

I would break it down for you.

During Ifa Initiation , energy and power are passed down from above using someone as a medium.

The medium is someone who is already into Ifa, who has acquired authority over time and has grown unmeasurably in the spiritual realm.

In most cases many Ifa Priest come together to join forces and power to do the rituals.

Now if i would ask, are you an initiate already?

Which spiritual power and energy do you have to initiate yourself?

Are you recognized by the Orisa? 

The Babalawo doing the initiation are already iN IFA , they have their own ODU and Orisa.

It is easier for them to speak and the Orisa listen to them.

If anyone tells you about self initiation into Ifa, just know that you are just wasting your money .

There is no short cut anywhere to IFA.

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