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Similarities between IYAMOPO and IYAMI Eleye


 Similarities between IYAMOPO and IYAMI Eleye

IYAMOPO and iyami Eleye have so many things in common which are what we would be discussing below

Both IYAMOPO and iyami Eleye are both female based terrestrial Power which empowers every woman even those who don’t know about their inert Power which is already inside them.

Both IYAMOPO and iyami Eleye are both spiritual powers which bring balance to the world.

If you are a woman and you don’t know about them, you are not yet a woman.

This are Powers already within you as a woman and you don’t know. 

You need to activate it before you can use it.

Acting it also depends it they want you to be part of them.

We can’t do without them, they are our Mothers.

Note that we have to make a consultation and ask if they would like you to know or not.

For more knowledge, contact me for details on how to activate yours as a woman, Mother.

They are my mothers and i took this permission before writing about them.

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