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Spiritual Husband and Wife are not Evil - Heartbreaking truth is Here


 Spiritual Husband and Wife are not Evil - Heartbreaking truth is Here

Are you a Pastor or Imam? Where is it in the Holy Book that Spiritual Husband or Wife are Evil?

Are you an Active member of Egbe Orun that you know so much about them?

Egbe Orun are spiritual Family, we all belong to one Family or the Other.

The Stories and Narration by Christians and Muslims is to make you Hate Yoruba Religion, the stories from Churches and Mosques is to prevent you from the truth.

We all belong to one Family or the Other.

I have written a lot about Spiritual Friends and Family because i always go there every night and they are always with me during the day.

And have been writting about it, some Pastors and Muslims clerics always wanted to know more, they want to tap from what i know simply because they want to make money off it.

If spiritual husband or wife is disturbing you, you need to give their what you owe them.

Do you have kids in Heaven or you have spiritual kids and Family.?

That is not a Problem at all, they are there to tell you that you belong somewhere in spiritual heaven snd they are showing themselves to you that you shouldn’t forget them.

All what you have to do is to acknowledge them and give them what they want.

The question of what did they want and how would you give them what they want is what I would not write about. Simply because I don’t want anybody to turn it into a business especially those FakePeople on the Internet claiming they know something.

When you give them what they want, life would be easy for you.

When you gave them what they want doesn't mean you would not see them again, just that you will understand them better, they would help you on some life challenges, bring blessings for you,they would expose a lot of secrets to you snd you will not need a prophet ever again in your Life.

In fact they would be like your spiritual messengers bringing wealth from beyond to you.

That is what you have been missing .

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