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Spiritual husband or Wife and what to do


 Spiritual husband or Wife and what to do

There are many false narratives from Christianity religion which has engulf so many people, it has killed some people and has put some into depression.

Till now No Pastor has said anything about it and they would never say anything about it, even if they said anything about it , it can never be accurate because it is beyond their knowledge and not in their biblical knowledge and spirituality.

Any Pastor that is talking about Spiritual Husband is Fake, show me where it is in the Bible.

Any Pastor that delve into this subject is only looking for what to eat.

The same goes to any Muslim Clerics.

I am saying this with full mouth and chest.

Infact your Pastors are your Problems, you ran to them on such sensitive issues and all what they do is to kill you with information that is false amd inacccurate.
Quote me to your Pastor snd let him send his Host f Heaven, i would send the Host of OBATALA.

This article is not about them, there is a solution to spiritual husband and wife.

There are some things you ought to have done when growing up but you didnt do them because of your fate.

And because you have not done them, it results in spiritual husband and Wife problem or inability to have children.

Once you do it, you will have husband or wife or children. No matter what your problem is.

That is why i am here for you if you fall into any of this oroby, am AJE NLA.

Am on whatsapp +2347031178647

Lets chat, if you are in Nigeria, am in Abeokuta.

You would come and find out the solution to those problems and if you are Far, i would do Consultation for you but you will still have to come if it is what IFA says.

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