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The Reason why Some Babalawo doesn’t have Power


 The Reason why Some Babalawo doesn’t have Power

Many Babalawo are now into dirty businesses like Money Ritual because they want to make Money, they needed the Money.

As you fall for those little traps about money and other traps relating to woman etc.

Your power will begin to reduce.

As a Babalawo, if you marrried as much wife as a possible, you have faled Orunmila. Hence your power would reduce.

The moment they noticed that their power has reduced, they start looking for more power and they go into something different from IFA.

Going into something different from IFA or to boost their IFA, will make their IFA to speak False.

They use false tongue to speak to those who go for Consultation thereby telling them,you must do it by force and you must not tell anyone.

IFA is one, run away from Fake BABALAWO.

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