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The reason why you are still battling with spiritual battles despite everything you have done


 The reason why you are still battling with spiritual battles despite everything you have done

Here are some reasons why spiritual battles in your life are still there.

Out of Many reasons, this are the few i can list out.

1. Fighting the wrong battle - 
Some Problem which are related to friend and you Are thinking it is Iyami Eleye whereas it is not them that are in your Problem because iyami Eleye doesn’t cause trouble, they are mothers who protect us the children.

Some of us don’t know it is people in our Family that are doing us, we are made to believe that it is our friend who is the cause of your Problem.

We are actually fighting the wrong battle.

2. Using wrong approach or Using long method - Many of Us are used to going to Fake prophet, Fake alfa, Fake BABALAWO who didn’t ask or enquire from whatever they worship before giving solutions.

We all know how important clinical test is in medical line, you can’t go to Hospital without doing test because it is the test that would reveal the problem and what to do.

The same thing applies to Your Problem, Most of the solutions they gave you has nothing to do with uour Probelms.

Most times your Problem are higher than what they are giving you.

This are just the two out of many , to know more about winning spiritual battles Contact AJE NLA

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