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Types of AJE spiritual work



Types of AJE spiritual work

Many people want to do aje spiritual work but they are always scared of doing it because they think aje spiritual work has consequences.

Before we jump at that conclusion that aje work has consequences, we need to understand the types of aje spiritual work.

The following are types of AJE spiritual work.

There are basically two types of Aje spiritual work.

True AJE spiritual work  - Here the Babalawo enquirer from the oracle IFA which orisa aje spiritual work would work best with your head.

You have to be doing something, aje don’t work with lazy people. Eg a bricklayer doing origian true aje spiritual work would have a lot of connection which will bring in customers and in turn make his money.

In True aje spiritual work, it doesnt have consequences. Once its done, its left to you if you would want to continue feeding Aje and you decide whether you would be feeding it yearly or not.

True aje feeding items are fruits.


Fake Aje spiritual work.

The Fake Aje spiritual work is what is very common this days, it work faster and it doesn’t require you to do any particular job.

Fake aje spiritual work has many name like oshole, Money Ritual etc.

People prefer this because it work faster, because many people are impatient, this is what they want. 

They want quick money.

In Fake Aje spiritual work has consequences because it is Fake.

They use humans part in its preparation.

Here a demon or spirit brings money or you make money without doing anything. Money just come your way.

This is the kind of work Yahoo boys do. 
Many Fake Babalawo are specialists in this kind of stupid work.

In Fake Aje spiritual work, you have to renew it regularly eg monthly, quarterly or biannual or even yearly or so.

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