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Types of restoration



Types of restoration 

For those who need restoration in one way or the other but didnt know that there are different types of restoration. The following talk about different types of restoration.

Soul restorations - This is also called total restoration. It is needed when you are dreaming of your self and seeing yourself dead in the dream, you need to restore your soul back to factory

Glory restoration - This is need if your are just alive like a dear man, you are not dreaming about death but you can seems to succeed in anything you do, you are junping from one prayer to another. What you need is soul restoration, this one can be restored with prayers, special psalm or traditional via IFA

Business restoration - This happened when there is an attack on your business and its not going well as expected, you need to restore your business. There are some people who doesn’t want you to succeed in that business. You can invoke the Orisa on this,

Family restoration / - This happens when you are having marital crises. The house is in fire and everyone seems to be irritated by the other. You need restoration. It can also be that the family is not in unity, etc

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