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Types of Spiritual work


 Types of Spiritual work 

There are various type of spiritual work, many don’t just know them. The following are types of spiritual work

Age based - There are some spiritual work that only works at certain age. If you are not up to 40 years Old, some spiritual work will not work. If they do such spirituap work for you it would store up till you readh that age before it wil work.

Ifa initiation based - There are some Spiritual work that Babalawo would not do for you because you are not Ifa Initiating you into Yemoja Cult would not be possible unless you are an ifa student. There are some spiritual work that can’t be done except you are an Ifa student.

non Ifa initiation based - This is the spiritual work that is comminf this days for cats and dogs. Everyone is now a Babalawo and they are not doing spiritual work for people.

Fast acting Spiritual work- This spiritual work start working withing 3 days of use because of its fast acting service, it doesnt last more than 4-10 months before it spoilt. This type of spiritual work in most cases attached you to a woman or Man depending on your gender. One thing leads to another, there would be zzzz and the spiritual work would spoilt.

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