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Uses of Ewe Titiponla (etiponla) and Ewe Awede (segun sete)


 Usaes of Ewe Titiponla (etiponla) and Ewe Awede (segun sete)

Ewé titiponla tabi etiponla (up) ati Ewé Awede tabi Ṣé̩gun ṣé̩tẹ̀(down): Nature's Gift to Healing and Protection

Yoruba herbalism, two plants, Ewe Awede and Ewe Etiponla, stand out as remarkable gifts from nature, each with its unique set of attributes and applications

Ewe Etiponla (Boerhavia Diffusa)

Ewe Etiponla, also known as "Hogweed" in English and "Etiponla" in Yoruba, plays a crucial role in herbal medicine. Its primary claim to fame lies in its effectiveness in treating female infertility and reducing menstrual pains and discomfort.

How does it work? 

Ewe Etiponla helps calm the hormonal balance in the body, normalizing its functions. Additionally, some Yoruba communities utilize it as an ingredient in local vegetable soups, adding a touch of tradition to culinary delights.

Spiritual symbolism

Etiponla nii raga bó'léle talks about the habitat and posture of the plant as a crippling plant and this plants attribute is used as an incantation for protection

Ti ojo ba yo 
Titiponla má ba ojo yo ni 

Ojumo kan o ni mo Ki titiponla má sin ewe tuntun

This above incantation gives us information of how this plant produces new leaves as each sun raise of the day and it’s used to seek blessings of prosperity and good luck

Ewe Awede (Rotundifolia): The Cleansing and Positivity Magnet**

Ewe Awede, botanically known as Rotundifolia, is another botanical gem in Yoruba tradition. This medicinal plant has been used for generations to address various ailments, such as dysentery and rheumatism.


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