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Using Candles to win Spiritual Battles


 Using Candles to win Spiritual Battles 

There are many ORISA to invoke using candles, you can invoke and invite 777 with your candle, i have written about 777 in one of my articles.

This post is all about IMOLE.

There are some group of heavens called LIGHTS.

They light the world snd fight spiritual battles keeping evil spirit and darkness at bay.

I called them IMOLE.

They know herbs and medicine.

They are intelligent and they have solutions to every problems.

We have millions of them in various sub group and each group have power more than another group.

They Job is the Same or almost the Same.

Their Joining Criteria are the followings

You can only be part of them if you have done your EGBE ORUN INITIATION 

Even if you have done your egbe orun initiation and you are not pure of heart, they would rejects you.

So that means you have to be Pure before they can initiate you into being their members.

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Anytime you light a candle, be it in. Church or house, you are inviting them to be with you.

The celestial and cherubs have little knowledge about them.

They win battes for you any time and day.

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