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Visiting heaven without dying- the road map

 Visiting heaven without dying- the road map

The quest for heaven

is what is happening now, many people are looking for heaven and because of that they have joined many groups, church and Fraternity.

Yet they have not visit heaven for even once.

Is heaven a myth or is it real?

The amswer is as plain as anything, there are many heavens and the most accessible heaven is the egbe orun.

To visit this place, you need to align with your friends and Family in that realm.

This egbe orun initiation can be done by a Babalawo who has received authority from OLODUMARE and the Orisa to do it.

After that you will have access to enter heaven.

You would need guidance and mentoring on how to grow spiritually after your egbe orun initiation.

That is why after doing the initiation for people, i guide them to grow in the spirit.


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