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What happened after Egbe Orun Separation ? Find out


 What happened after Egbe Orun Separation ? Find out

After egbe orun separation, your egbe orun will still be following you just that they would not make themselves known to you like before.

There is no permanent separation of egbe Orun.

What you did that you called separation only postpone your sufffering to a later day than it was before.

After separation, your egbe orun would be Mad at you thereby stop protecting you all evil coming your way. That is why after separation, you might think you are not seeing them again or dreaming about them but it doesn’t mean they have stop watching you, they fold their hand and look at how you handle your problems all by yourself.

They would not come to help you even if you are suffering because you are the one that said you dont need them while you are on earth.

And then you start going from pastor to Pastor, from prophets to prophet, from mountains to mountains searching for answers to problems you created.

All bevause your pastor or religion says egbe orun are bad.

Now after you have spend your life anyhow you want to spend it, whether in good health or Bad, whether rich or Poor.

When you die, you will go back to your egbe Orun where a bad and terrible judgement awaits you.

Your egbe orun would make sure you never come back to earth for so many years, they would discipline you, torture you and imprisoned you in a lake of fire or some sort until you serve your sentence or pleaded mercy.

This is just a tip of what your egbe orun would do to you if you dare do any separation.

What the separation does was to stop all communication while you are on earth, but after death you will face their judgement.

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