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Why Do AJE NLA charge Money for Consultation?


 Why Do AJE NLA charge Money for Consultation?

My name is ODEWOLE Olusegun, am a graduate of An agricultural school, so that makes me a Farmer by discipline.

I have seen many wars and battles in Life right from my childhood, I can’t remember which year I dedicated my for fasting and prayer and I don’t think am stopping till i die.

I hustle hard, i have a farm where i sell Noilers, Turkey and Broilers both 4 weeks and Matured ones. I built website for people, i work as an online Social media Man, am A teacher, i supervises site construction, i drive Cab and the rest. So i hustle hard and am contended with Life .

When you head is not to serve but to be served, you have to push till you are firm .

The Powers and knowledge have been with me for years and have undergone a lots of training with the ORISA before starting and have waited many years for permission before starting.

Hunger doesn’t push me to what I do and am neither desperate for anyone or to prove anything.

Those who have decided to consult amd talk with me knows that i have a lot of patience and i always tell them to take it easy, one step at s time.

When i started, a lot of people call me any time, even when am sleeping and i always answered them. I have time for everyone.

But i got to notice that majority of my callers are either pastors, prophet etc who are seeking knowledge to make money, so i decided to charge money for Consultation. 

Charging money for Consultation was also am instruction from above, people don’t appreciate free things. Then i look back at those i have helped, nobody came back.

Attaching value to it doesn’t make it less potent, its just a way of screening out those who need it smd those who doesn’t.

The ORISA are wiser than you think.

Am not in competition with anyone, if your problem is having a solution somewhere,go ahead and do it.

My hands are tied up, i don’t have a single time to waste with anyone. I would rather stay with my Wife and kids to spend quality time than spend it with unfruitful chat or whatever.

Am not a hungry Babalawo, don’t think if you don’t consult or do spiritual work with me then i might die hungry,naaaaah.

I deal with the ORISA directs, the Orisa are discipline and very strict, me and the Orisa don’t have time.

There is a lot of work in the spiritual realm thank this physical world, am too busy.

Thank you for reading..

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