Wednesday, November 1, 2023

AJE NLA speaks on AJE spiritual work for small pocket (Video)


AJE NLA speaks on AJE spiritual work for small pocket

Many people want to do AJE spiritual work but don't have the money to.

Well here is a small AJE spiritual work for small pocket,  it cost 7k . The medium is 15k while the bigger one is 25k.

I posted about it some days ago where k said we would invoke the name of AJE,  ITS original name giving to AJE from OLODUMARE while it would also be blessed by all the Orisa. 

If you have a business, this is what you need to attracts customers and it is affordable. 

You will seen changes in your work. 

Talk to me on what's app on how it would get to you. 

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