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Am an ancient Babalawo - AJE NLA

Am an ancient Babalawo - AJE NLA

I know many people would have been looking for my sources of wisdom, if you have spent a thousand years and you don't have wisdom, there would be no crime if OLODUMARE turn you into sands. 

I never thought the road will be hard, I thought Babalawo is a easy thing until I started. 

I choose Fast for my clients and I used coloured candles as well along with fragrance and perfumes provided it come out after IFA consultation. 

This is where the problem comes, people think when you meet Babalawo, you are to make sacrifices and that is all. 

The truth is, you have to make attempt, help yourself to some levels before spiritual aid arrives. You have to be pure of heart ,mind and body and be ready. You have to be cleanse and align with OLODUMARE. 

The ancient knowledge combines all the forces including feeding of the Orisa, their symbols, colours, numbers, day, time, etc

If Any Babalawo said this is a lie, ask IFA. The Orisa for wisdom to enlightens you on the ancient ways and knowledge. 

I don't owe anyone an explanation, I would just say that knowledge has no bound or limit. It is like light, it choosees who they want to follow.

We are sent to do our own path, no one is to discriminate against anyone. All road lead to OLODUMARE but some road are faster. 

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