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American Movies that talk about spiritual world or heaven

American Movies that talk about spiritual world or heaven

This are few movies that tells us indirectly what is happening in other world. Other world of existence are called heaven. 

You can't go there unless you are initiated. 

AquaMan - Tries to explain life inside water and a man who Controls all water creature called OLOKUN

Dr strange and the multiverse of madness -  explains that we have many heavens and many world. 

Avatar part one - explain how we sleep in our bed or Pod and reappear somewhere else entirely different. 

Avatar ways of water-  talks about some creatures of the sea and how we can connect with them. 

Matrix - Explain that Life is just an illusion, nothing is real. 

Peter Pan - Explain how they travel through the brightest star and get to the first heaven 

Wakanda forever - explain and depict ORISA OLOKUN and also explain that life exist in water. 

There are many out there that explain to us that heavens is real  ,that there are people living in water etc. 

If you are also convinced an you need like minds, connect with me. 

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