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Babalawo's temptation on divination and many more

Babalawo's temptation on divination and many more 

Don't do IFA divination if you are not pure

I know you are shock at this but it is what it is. 

Divination is not just holding the Opele or cowrie and throwing it in the ground, it goes beyond that. 

You have to bond with each method of divination or which ever method you use. 

A moment the bond is lost, your readings will be faulty. 

Many Babalawo don't know this. 

Once you are not pure, don't do divination. 

If you just sleep with your wife, for the rest of that day don't do divination. 

That is why it is only recommended for Babalawo to sleep with wife at night, take a bath. So that the body energies would have been restored if not all but to some extent. 

Babalawo should not be having sex daily, just once a while and let it be in the weekend, and you cleanse yourself after bathing. Or do you think you would just bath and never do the cleansing!?  No. 

I know your clients are always woman and sometime you might feel tempted, resist. 

Don't drink, and don't think of evil , don't fight. 

All this things and many more make you unpure and less active in the spirit. 

Once you are a Babalawo, you let go of some things. 

You are not an ordinary man, you are on your path to become Orisa. 

And there are rules you have to follow. 

Don't loose focus on where you are going, don't be tempted to acquire luxury, be focused. 



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