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Bitter Royalty: Ewé Jogbo and it's Uses

Bitter Royalty: Ewé Jogbo and it's Uses 

"Ewé Jogbo," known as the King of Bitter Leaf in Yoruba culture, holds a significant place in both spiritual and medicinal practices. Its bitter taste is emblematic of its potency, acting as a natural blood tonic.

The corpus of Ifa Ìrètè Ogbè recommends combining it with Obúkọ́ a female goat's heart to address heart-related ailments and spiritual attacks.

In Yoruba tradition, "Ewé Korobi-Jogbo," also called "Meje Meje", involves consuming seven leaves daily for about five days

This practice, with its bitter intensity, aligns with the plant's historical use for various purposes, including as a mosquito repellent, emitting a scent that drives away mosquitoes when burned.

Beyond Yoruba traditions, Andrographis paniculata, known globally as the King of Bitters, boasts a rich medicinal profile. Widely used, it addresses ailments from snake bites to diabetes, displaying anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-malarial properties.

In Yoruba, its roots and leaves are utilized to reduce fever, enhance appetite, and improve overall health.

Scientific trials reveal the efficacy of Andrographis paniculata in shortening common cold durations and acting as an effective analgesic.

The plant's anti-inflammatory effects, immune system stimulation, and hypotensive properties contribute to its versatile applications. 

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