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Can Babalawo make mistakes?

Can Babalawo make mistakes? 

There's no one born that is 100 percent perfect. 

In ability to accept this fact causes a lot of harm to us and the people around us. 

Babalawo are also people and there is a tendency that they would make mistake. 

Yes, Babalawo too make mistake. 

But because of their Job, they refused to acknowledge that they make mistakes and they uses that pride to ruin someone's life. 

Just like a doctor, they knew when they make a mistake but they would never tell you that they make mistake and their mistake causes somebody their life. 

There is nothing wrong in making a mistake doing a divination for people, once you see this, make corrections. 

Stress can causes you to make mistake, always have time to rest and make sure your mind is pure. 

The truth cannot be hidden  forever, sooner or later your customers would know and they might not come again because they would take you for a liar and the trust they have in you would be gone. 

Be faithful and truthful, I was doing divination for someone in UK, my mind wasn't align with what am doing at some point, I make mistake. I quickly correct it and uses style to make apologize, the client knew but let go. 

On my path, I told the Orisa about it and I said, if this client didn't come back, then it's because of my mistake and I wouldn't force it . I blame myself for this mistake and I learnt a big lesson. 

The client came back and we become best if pals. 

That is how it should be, don't be too proud to accept that you make mistake. It might lead to something bugger than what you expect. 

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