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Can computer Do IFA divination?

Can computer Do IFA divination? 

Why do you think a computer can do IFA divination?  Is it because you have been told that computer was invented using the knowledge of IFA binary? 

IFA divination is not just about casting the beads, it's not just casting the cowrie, it's not just casting the IKIN, it's not just casting the OPELE or casting any other method you used. 

IFA divination is all about connecting with all the forces that is and was, it's all about bonding with your preferred choice of divination , bonding with ORUNMILA, the father of divination, binding with all the other Orisa and becoming one with them. 

To start your journey of bond, you have to be initiated into IFA and you become one with everything there is and was. 

You started your journey. 

A computer cannot be initiated, no matter how accurate it is or accurate his orator and method, it is not initiated. 

IFA is seems as the new goldmine but no matter what anyone tries, the truth would always be hidden, if IFA can survive a billion years from now, it would still survive a trillion more years. 

Throwing cowrie/IKIN goes beyond that, it's the energy in you that connect with the Cosmo and enables the method to work. 

What is happening now reninds me of what happen millions of years ago that give birth to various religion, everyone involved has learnt their lesson and there is no room for error or history repeating itself. 

Everyone is looking at IFA, have they digitalized Illuminati and make it open for everyone? 

Why not digitalized Kabbalah and make it available for everyone. 

Why not do such to all the Indian Orisa and make it easily access by people? 

But we think we need to do such for IFA and make it easily available for people. 

Let's see. 

Am AJE NLA, keeper of secrets from the depth of the world. 

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