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Casting out the evil Spirit in You

Casting out the evil Spirit in You

I have seen many people do miracle in their own eyes. 

They cast out evil spirit by laying hands on people and you believed that?   No. 

You can't cast out evil spirit by putting hands on someone's head, it's not going to work.. All those shut are nonsense. 

It's either it is stage or they are acting or a power is making them sleep off when The man of God lay hand on them. 

Casting out demons is just like restoration but we don't call it Restoration rather, we call it redemption. 

You don't lay hands on someone who is possessed to cast out devil or demon.

Whoever want to cast out demon must have a wider knowledge of mystics and symbols. 

You draw a protection circle and cast a protection spell, you invoke an Orisa for This protection. 

You protect yourself and the person involved. 

Those who have been possessed are known to have one or two sickness, read this from this blog. 

I can't tell it all, thank you

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