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Church Harvest and what you don't know

Church Harvest and what you don't know 

I know you must have attend a lot of church harvest in your Life that you rely don't know what it entails. 

Many churches do harvest but they don't know the knowledge behind it. 

Church harvest is a ritual ceremony done to celebrate the spirit of the church. 

Different church's uses different spirit for what ever reasons there is. 

To celebrate this spirit, we do what we call church harvest. 

The items used for celebrating this spirits are fruits of various specie and offering. But what is important is the fruits. 

We all placed the fruit at the alter where they would be blessed by the spirits involved, they would have taken their own, fed and belle full before we took what is left. 

The spirits in turn blessed the members of the church and those who partake in the harvest. 

It is a ritual borrowed from other religions in hundred of years ago when there was an apocalypse of religion and the people needed something to believe. Something different. 

In some other churches they celebrate children harvest, this relate to children spirits. We call it Orisa Omode in Yoruba. 


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